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Serious Sam: TFE + TSE

Unofficial port of Serious Sam: The First Encounter and The Second Encounter

Serious Sam: TFE + TSE - Unofficial port of Serious Sam: The First Encounter and The Second Encounter
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Mod Info

Serious Sam: TFE + TSE - the legendary first-person action shooter comes from the 2000s for android devices.

Adventures with Serious Sam
Serious Sam: TFE + TSE is a high-quality, unofficial port of the legendary game that made a splash with its appearance back in 2001 and still does not lose its relevance. The action takes place in the near future, so in Serious Sam: The First Encounter we are talking about an artifact found in Egypt that allowed people to develop technology, make interstellar flights and move around the planets. and everything was wonderful until people came across the space villain Mental, who decided to destroy humanity.

Dynamic gameplay and hardcore shootings
And then Serious Sam appears, who is sent to the past, with the help of another artifact, and is instructed to deal with all enemies. Sam went back in time and made a real "massacre" of alien invaders. You will find the high dynamics of what is happening, hardcore shootouts, "real meat" and old-school design. In The second Encounter, events develop after the crash of Sam’s spaceship, where he will destroy monsters on an unknown planet and continue traveling in time to find a new artifact that will help him deal with the Mental.

Game installation order:
  1. Download and unzip the cache to the root of the inteal memory (you get the folder sdcard SeriousSam);
  2. Download and install the game;
  3. If you set the cache correctly, the game will start.
The game has a built-in crack of Inertan messages and voice acting of heroes, if it is not needed, delete the files SE1_00_Russian.gro and 1_00c_Russian.gro.
If you want to play to the First Encounter campaign, then go to Network - Start Server - Level - select Hatshepsut, specify the necessary settings and click Start.
If you need to improve performance, go to Options - Android Port Settings - Screen resolution - select Half resolution.
You can enable continuous display of the on-screen controls in Options - Android Port Settings - Show touch controller.
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You can download and install Serious Sam: TFE + TSE on your computer using Google Play Games

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How to install Serious Sam: TFE + TSE

  1. Download apk file
  2. After the download is complete, the downloaded file will be displayed in the notification shade (top), and will also be located in the "Download" folder (any file manager )
  3. Install the downloaded APK file using any file manager or by clicking on it (on the downloaded file) in the notification shade
  4. If you are installing apps for the first time not from Google Play (but using a file manager or browser), you will need to grant the appropriate permission. This is done only once.

How to update Serious Sam: TFE + TSE

  1. To update the application, install the new version of the application over (without deleting) the old one.
  2. This update will only be possible if the previous version of the application is downloaded from us. Otherwise, there will be a signature conflict and you will see the message "Application not installed".
  3. For what "Signatures" are and what they are for, read here.
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