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User Agreement

  1. The androeed.store project is an open and free resource, and the information provided on it is intended to acquaint users with materials that may be of interest to them.
  2. Access to the androeed.store resource, as well as the use of materials from the pages of the androeed.store site, are carried out solely at your discretion and without providing any guarantees.
  3. The administration of androeed.store is not associated (either directly or indirectly) with the developers and advertising materials that are broadcast inside the applications you downloaded from the pages of the site androeed.store
  4. Only the advertiser is responsible for advertising in the apps and/or games you download.
  5. Understanding and evaluating the situation with the open source code of the Android operating system, you undertake to independently decide on the installation of one or another software (a consequence of downloading apk and other files) hosted on the pages of the site androeed.store, and in case of installation, you you undertake to independently check the applications downloaded by you for the presence of malicious code. Thus, you understand that by downloading files from this site you act at your own peril and risk.
  6. You must know and understand that if you click on advertisements within an application and/or game you have downloaded, you and you alone are responsible for the further outcome of events and understand that downloading advertiser installation files (a consequence of clicking on advertising material inside apps) can harm your device.
  7. The site administration (chief editors, journalists, moderators) absolutely does not guarantee 100% absence of malicious code in the applications you download. Thus, by downloading files (applications, games and other content) from androeed.ru, you agree that the applications may contain malicious, advertising or virus code that:
    1. may harm your device to some extent.
    2. incur unforeseen, not previously agreed, financial expenses on your part.
  8. By downloading files from androeed.ru, you agree that in addition to the requested file, you will be shown advertising material in the form of banners or landing pages, which in turn may have an advertising nature completely independent of androeed.store, offering various paid services or subscriptions.
  9. Responsibility for the content of advertising materials lies entirely with the advertiser and is beyond the competence of the authors of the androeed.store project. You yourself undertake to read the information, and then agree / disagree with the terms of service provision on the advertising pages.
  10. All downloads are provided without changing the ad integration (if any) of the original developers. Thus, the author of the original advertising code receives 100% of his reward, androeed.store has nothing to do with advertising materials inside downloaded applications.
  11. Only the domains androeed.ru, androeed.net and subdomains of the *.androred.ru type, from which files are distributed at the request of users, fall under the competence of the androeed.store project. These domains do not contain any paid services. All materials, including advertising, located outside these domains (for example, the result of switching to an advertising landing page when downloading files) do not belong to the androeed.store project. An advertising landing page (advertising tab) can always and easily be closed at any time convenient for the user, without performing any actions on it by the end user.
  12. By visiting the site androeed.store and downloading files from it, you automatically agree to this agreement.
  13. 01/01/2013