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Powerlust action RPG roguelike [Mod Money]

Atmospheric RPG with procedural level generation

Powerlust action RPG roguelike [Mod Money] - Atmospheric RPG with procedural level generation
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OS Required5.0
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Whats new

Bugs fixed.

Procedural level generation
Powerlust - action RPG roguelike is a classic roguelike with procedural level generation, isometric graphics, a peculiar atmospheric and gloomy fantasy world. Here you have to take control of a magician's apprentice and go explore dark dungeons filled with enemies, deadly bosses, useful items and even treasures. Are you ready to fight back the forces of evil and conquer dangerous dungeons?

Battles against the forces of evil
A whole army of darkness will oppose you, but do not forget about the magical abilities of your hero, thanks to with which he can envelop in flames, freeze or poison enemies. In addition to magic and the ability to upgrade the hero's abilities, you can also equip him with powerful equipment, deadly weapons, ranging from axes to magic staves. Tons of loot, deadly enemies, magic and axes, epic battles, endless dungeons and addictive gameplay - all this awaits you in Powerlust - action RPG roguelike.

Last date14-Jan-2023
Popularity99% (
Package namebartmamzer.powerlust.actionrpg.roguelike

How to install Powerlust action RPG roguelike [Mod Money]

To install this file, you need from 1.49GB to 1.86GB free space on your device. this assembly contains a built-in cache. If you have problems with the installation, then open the installer (downloaded apk file) with the archiver, go to the assets folder and read the instructions in readme.txt, the manual installation of the game will be described step by step.

This installer contains 2 versions of the application: original and modified. Once launched, you can select the desired option. If for some reason you need to install another version of the application (for example, there was a mod - you need the original), then run the installer again.

How to update Powerlust action RPG roguelike [Mod Money]

  1. To update the application, install the new version of the application over (without deleting) the old one.
  2. This update will only be possible if the previous version of the application is downloaded from us. Otherwise, there will be a signature conflict and you will see the message "Application not installed".
  3. For what "Signatures" are and what they are for, read here.
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14-Jan-2023   11:34:20
Игра работает стабильно. Сама игра это попытка сделать свою Диабло, в целом нормально, играть можно, но сюжетно игра клише на клише, и очень избитых и заурядных.
Comment to version: 0.961
Device: Xiaomi
31-May-2021   19:44:52
Сейчас можешь скачать, русский язык добавлен
Device: Xiaomi
21-Jun-2021   22:18:48
Мод не работает, и вылетает постоянно
Comment to version: 0.891
Device: Samsung
03-Jun-2021   23:48:52
Честно говоря у меня не работает мод, и переустанавливал не помогает, хз, а так игра прикольная особенно за мечника динамичные чем за мага)
Comment to version: 0.891
Device: Xiaomi
31-May-2021   19:44:52
Русского языка не хватает (мне)
Comment to version: 0.886
Device: Sony
25-Nov-2020   02:49:05
Нет кнопки выйти из бесконечного подземелья. Уже на 30+ уровне, лни пошли по кругу, что только подтверждает название подземелий)
Может у кого получилось выбраться? Подскажите
Comment to version: 0.820
Device: Другое устройство
30-Oct-2020   16:09:44
На видео вроде смотрится эпично, а в реале игруля так себе. Неудобное управление, да и графика не айс. Тоскливо и уныло... Но это лично мне, может кому игра и зайдет.
Comment to version: 0.820
Device: Samsung
24-Oct-2020   10:29:48
Хорошая, интересная игра. Графика тоже радует.
Мод даёт много золота и я так понял бесконечное количество восстановление здоровья. Но, нет русского, что очень усложняет прохождение.
Comment to version: 0.820
Device: Xiaomi