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ScourgeBringer [Mod Menu]

Pixel action platformer in a post-apocalyptic world

ScourgeBringer [Mod Menu] - Pixel action platformer in a post-apocalyptic world
1.61 b11
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Version1.61 b11
OS Required6.0
Google Play Rating★ 4.92 (3.42K)
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InternetNot required

Mod Info

After starting the game, click on the round button in the upper left to open the menu mod, in which you can enable immortality.

Whats new

Bugs fixed; Improved mod: Immortality has been reworked - now it applies not only to enemy projectiles.
ScourgeBringer - dynamic and challenging Action platformer with roguelike elements for Android devices.

Hordes of enemies and giant bosses
Incrediblydynamic Android platformer with roguelike elements and action, where unforgettable adventures await you, seasoned with crowds of merciless enemies and a post-apocalyptic atmosphere. Here you have to save the remnants of humanity, and according to the plot of the game, a mystical creature influenced the whole world and plunged it into a post-apocalypse. Unforgettable adventures and dangerous trials await you, where you can uncover mysteries and find reminders of previous explorers, as well as get to the truth that determined reality.

Post-apocalyptic entourage
You can download this dynamic action-platformer for free on Android and appreciate the well-developed combat system, which is aimed exclusively at attacks, a soundtrack that complements the post-apocalyptic atmosphere, hordes of dangerous enemies and battles with giant bosses. You are waiting for the study of endlessly changing dungeons, where you have to overcome the challenges to use the speed of reaction and attentiveness, crushing countless opponents.
Pixel gamesPlatformsActionRPG
Last date14-Sep-2022
Popularity78% (
Package namecom.pid.scourgebringer

How to install ScourgeBringer [Mod Menu]

  1. Download apk file
  2. After the download is complete, the downloaded file will be displayed in the notification shade (top), and will also be located in the "Download" folder (any file manager )
  3. Install the downloaded APK file using any file manager or by clicking on it (on the downloaded file) in the notification shade
  4. If you are installing apps for the first time not from Google Play (but using a file manager or browser), you will need to grant the appropriate permission. This is done only once.

How to update ScourgeBringer [Mod Menu]

  1. To update the application, install the new version of the application over (without deleting) the old one.
  2. This update will only be possible if the previous version of the application is downloaded from us. Otherwise, there will be a signature conflict and you will see the message "Application not installed".
  3. For what "Signatures" are and what they are for, read here.
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17-Sep-2022   16:37:26
Выключай бессмертие и тогда выходи, иначе будет оставаться одно хп
Device: Xiaomi
14-Sep-2022   00:06:56
Ну, мертвые клетки это мало напоминает
А стиль игры бей и беги уж явно не новодел
Device: Xiaomi
Юно Гасай (aka opera-fan)
14-Sep-2022   15:25:37
Обновите игру. Старый мод работал только на вражеские снаряды, сейчас должна быть полная неуязвимость.
17-Sep-2022   16:37:26
У меня почему-то неадекватно работает меню. Неправильно отрабатываются нажатия. Невозможно "сохранить и выйти".
Comment to version: 1.61 b11
Device: Xiaomi
17-Sep-2022   12:55:10
Очень понравилась игра! быстрая, но понятная. Сюжет канечно слобоват, но затея интересная.9/10
Comment to version: 1.61 b11
Device: Xiaomi
16-Sep-2022   08:52:31
Игруха зачетная, хоть что-то играбельное за последнее время.
Comment to version: 1.61 b11
Device: Xiaomi
15-Sep-2022   11:09:50
Для тех у кого не работает мод, в настройках можно включить неуязвимость
Comment to version: 1.61 b11
Device: Xiaomi
14-Sep-2022   15:25:37
Мод не работает, решение есть?
Comment to version: 1.61
Device: Samsung
14-Sep-2022   00:06:56
Нерабочий мод тодже самый dead cells на минималках
Comment to version: 1.61
Device: Huawei