1. General questions
    1. I have a slow download speed from the site
    2. Our files are located on different servers. If you see a slow download speed, the server where the file is located is probably under heavy load. Despite the fact that we regularly receive information about our servers, download traffic tends to change instantly, especially after the publication of very popular files. In order to notify us of a low speed, carefully study the information on the file download page. It has a link to alert.
    3. I can't register / I don't receive an email after registering to activate my account
    4. We can't reproduce this issue because Letters are delivered to our test mailboxes without problems. Try using a different mailbox in a different domain zone, or check your Spam folder.
    5. I don't remember my password
    6. You can reset your password here with your email address. If you do not remember your email, then write to [email protected] and indicate your login, the approximate date of registration and the last password that you remember.
    7. I can't login after registration
    8. There may be several reasons, and here are some of them
      1. For starters, note that you can log in using your login or email.
      2. If you receive a message about successful authorization and you are again redirected to the authorization form, then try clearing the browser Cookie. Please note that in this case you will most likely lose your authorization session on other sites.
      3. If you registered with VK, you entered the site without a password. So you need to get a new password here. But this will only work if you had a verified email. If it was not there, then write to [email protected] and indicate the link to your profile in VK and indicate the email that you need to assign to your account. After that, you will be able to get a new password.
      4. If you registered using your phone number, then you need to link your email to your account. To do this, write to [email protected] and indicate your login, phone number and email, which must be assigned to your account. After that, you will be able to get a new password.
    9. I want to post my mods
    10. This feature is available and you can get a special status for publishing your mods, but there are a number of conditions and restrictions on this. But if you have such an opportunity, you will receive thousands and tens of thousands of downloads of your mod. If you want to publish your mods, then write to [email protected]
    11. I want you to update the game
    12. There is a "Request Update" button on every game page. The more the game receives relevant clicks, the sooner we will see that the game needs to be updated. "Update" comments are optional.
    13. I want you to add a game
    14. You can leave a request to add a game / application here. The chance of adding a game to the site depends on several factors. One of the factors is the frequency of requests for the same game by different users.
    15. I want to order a mod
    16. We don't accept requests to develop individual mods, because This is time-consuming. Within the site, we cannot allocate time for an individual order.
    17. I can't install the game I downloaded from the site
    18. There could be a lot of reasons for this, and it's hard to describe them all. First you need to understand that any modification somehow "breaks" the game. And no one knows when this very "broken" element will manifest itself. The androeed.store project team is not the developer of the software presented on this site. We do not know each game thoroughly and are not the manufacturers of your devices. The only right way to study the problem is to take logs from the device and study them in detail.
    19. I can't update the game to the new version.
    20. Each app/game has its own signature. In our case, when modifying the application and games, this very subset changes and becomes non-original. And you can install a new version over the old one only if the signature of the old version matches the signature of the new version. In other words, if the old version of the game was downloaded from us, then the new version of the game, downloaded from us, will be installed on top without problems. Well, if the signature conflict is still present, then the only way out is to delete the old version from the device (in this case, you may lose all your game progress) and only after that install the new version.
    21. Why can't I connect to social networks in fashion?
    22. Any modification of the game breaks synchronization with social networks.
    23. I'm a developer and I have a file complaint
    24. If you are a developer and want your product to be removed from the pages of our site, write to the address [email protected] and identify yourself as the author of the software (send any information, which identifies you as a developer).
    25. I'm a developer and I want to host my game
    26. We're really sorry, but we don't host games by direct request.
    27. I didn't find the answer to my question
    28. If you have any other question, write to [email protected]