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New "Download Later" list and restoration of the "Favorites" section

There are some news for today.

  1. According to your MULTIPLE requests, the "Favorites" section has returned.  The corresponding item has been added to the user's side menu. When you update a game from your favorites list, you will see a notification indicator (as it was before). How to restore the favorites list is written at the end of the article.
  2. Implemented a new "Download Later" feature. How it works? On the page with the game, there was a button with the image of a clock, when you click on it, you will add this game to the "Download later" list (these are similar to the "Watch later" playlist on Youtube). This list will be useful if you want to check out the game later and do not want to add it to your favorites. The corresponding item has also been added to the user's side menu.
  3. The list of "liked" applications will continue to exist, but you will no longer receive notifications about updates to games from this list, because. notifications will only come from the favorites list.

I would like to note that you can restore your list of favorites by moving your applications from "Liked", as was done when moving from "Favorites" to  Liked, but I'm well aware that after combining these two sections, your lists will be more extensive and cluttered than they should be. 

Unfortunately, there is no other way to restore your favorites list, and on behalf of the Project Administration, I apologize to you for not realizing the tragedy of the situation. Therefore, if you need to transfer applications from Liked to Favorites, then write about it on the forum, in this thread https://androeed.ru/forum/chto-s-vkladkoi-izbrannoe/page-1.html